8 Things You Should Know Before Sex


Kait Sanders

August 20, 2019

Couple before sex

Sex can be amazing when you’re prepared. If you’re planning on having a hot, romantic evening, there are a couple of things you should do beforehand. Whether you’re a first-timer or a novice in the bedroom, it’s good to be ready for the experience. Check out these 8 things you should know before sex:

Be prepared

Since there’s no instruction manual on how to get it on, you should come prepared to protect yourself. You don’t want to risk getting STDs. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you should bring an extra condom. If you have both tested for STD, don’t forget to use birth control. A general rule of thumb is never to leave the house before you think about protection.

Before meeting your lover for casual sex follow to a sex guide, you can stimulate your brain by visually imagining sex play. This will heighten the senses and prepare you for sex. And a few hours to the act, you can pepper imagination sessions. Instead of focusing on what you may do on your partner, pay attention to what you find sexy and pleasurable. These simple things will help you enjoy sex more. 

Make sure there’s clear consent

Having clear consent is a vital part of sex. Pay attention to what feels good for both of you and what you’re willing to do. This brings enjoyment and comfort for everyone involved. The idea is to have an open discussion beforehand to establish the dos and don’ts. It’s more of setting healthy boundaries and respecting each other.

The only surefire way that your partner has given his or her consent is by telling you so. If they show apprehension at any point during your rendezvous, stop and make sure this is something they really want to do. It should go without saying that no means no, for both men and women.

Groom yourself

It doesn’t matter whether you met out in a bar or online, your grooming habits should be on point. When you are showered and clean, you’ll feel more comfortable during acts like oral sex. It doesn’t matter if you shave or keep it natural—the key is to be freshly showered and smelling good. But don’t overdo it on the perfume or cologne! And remember men—women love a guy with a fresh haircut.

Stash lube by your bedside

Lube is the unsung hero for sexy times. It will not only come into play when having penetrative sex but can also be fun during foreplay. You can use it to amp their orgasm by dabbing a few droplets on sensitive spots. While a woman’s natural lubrication is a sign of arousal, the body can take time to catch up. Many things can interfere with lubrication, like the birth control pill, medication, her menstrual cycle, and more.

Lube will help her relax and be ready for you. Thrusting will be more comfortable and in turn, make the sex a lot more pleasurable. Lube will also come in handy during anal sex. Be sure to place it within arm’s reach. Instead of fumbling with bottles, you can buy dispensers to make it easier to access.


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Pay attention to your hygiene

We all want spontaneous sex as we see in porn movies, but this is the real world! Do you really want someone to go down on you right after you’ve worked out at the gym? For some, this is a fetish. But for others, it’s a turn-off when we don’t smell fresh and taste good.

Another area you should be fully aware of is your oral hygiene. During the foreplay, there’s a lot of kissing going on. But there’s nothing more frustrating than trying to kiss your partner only to be hit by bad breath. Brush your teeth well and chew some gum ahead of the deed.

Eat healthy foods

There are many foods out there that can spice up your time between the sheets. If you’re planning to spend a romantic evening with your lover, you may find yourself in a swanky restaurant. Maybe you’re thinking of the food to take to help you seal the deal that night. A healthy diet will improve blood flow, boost stamina, and increase energy for better sexual adventures. Before you get intimate you can eat dark chocolate, oysters, beets, nuts and seeds, coffee, and watermelon. These foods exhibit unmatched aphrodisiac properties.

You may want to stay away from foods that cause bad breath or bloating. If those lentils are causing gas in your stomach, you should skip them if you plan on getting laid. Also, avoid alcohol and spicy food. You don’t want to be messy-drunk, or on the toilet for half of the night.


The easiest way to tune your body before sex is to relax. This will help you enjoy your time between the sheets. The easiest way to overcome anxiety is to do what you enjoy. Spend more time with your partner and start viewing sex as something more enjoyable. Sex is supposed to be wildly enjoyable, not a stressful, excruciating act. But don’t rely on drugs on alcohol to relax.

Get some exercise

Moderate exercise a few times a week can improve your sexual prowess. Working out improves your sexual athleticism, boosts stamina, improves flexibility, and helps you develop a solid core. To increase pleasure in the bedroom, you should work on the upper body and strengthen your leg muscles. It’s scientifically proven that 30 minutes of moderate exercise can boost your sexual arousal. The day you know you’ll be having sex you might consider hitting the gym. Both cardio and strength training can have a positive effect on your sex life. Not only will you look better, but you’ll also feel sexier, too. Exercising is also a great way of increasing the blood flow into the genital region and can help with orgasms.

Sex is wonderful when you’re prepared to enjoy the experience. If you’re planning to get laid, you should know the 8 things above to have the best experience possible.

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