Things All Women Hate During Sex


Kait Sanders

September 12, 2019

Couple in an embrace

Now I hate to admit it but we have all had our share of horrible lays in our lives. Sometimes you creep out of a bed and just think to yourself, “how the hell did things go so badly so quickly.” Now, fellas, you might think it is hard to find a girl and get her to bed. While that may be true if you’re not using BangWild, harder than finding a chick to bang is keeping her coming around for more. In business, they always say retaining a customer is cheaper than getting a new one. Well, the same holds true when it comes to a fuck buddy. I’ve decided to help you guys out and let you in on a few things all women hate during sex.


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Did you cum? 

If you have to ask let me tell you she didn’t cum. If she did cum well still don’t ask, make her cum again. Asking a girl is she came during sex is the quickest way to slow her roll if she was about to get there. While it is nice to give her to chance to tell you, “no I didn’t”, asking usually means she didn’t quite get there. Instead, ask her if something you can do to make her cum. This offers the opportunity for her to give you some guidance or let you know if she already did. 


Surprise anal 

I am mad I even have to say this. There are people that are anal lovers an people that are not. Regardless of what type of person you are, surprise anal can be a disaster for all involved. When it comes to anal a little heads up from your partner is great. Giving your partner time to prep, relax, stock up on lube, and ease their way into the situation. Besides just being rude as hell surprise anal can be traumatic for your partner and lead them to not want it in the future. Tell your partner is anal is something you would like to do and when. While this might not be super spontaneous it can make the best experience for all involved. 



Now we are not saying you need to be howling like a wolf but dead silence in bed is super awkward for all involved. If it feels good moan a little bit. Certain things must feel better than others so let her know when you’re feeling those things. Tell her somethings hot if you think it is. Silence makes the mind wonder so if you don’t want her to be laying there thinking about other things she has to do distract her will some sexy sounds. 


Condom conundrum 

Oh wow, nothing is worse during sex than a little argument right before. First of all, don’t make her even bring up the condom discussion. Be a man and bring it up first. If she decides you don’t need to wear one will more power to you but don’t ever make her be the first one to say it. Beyond that, if she does have to bring it up don’t argue with her. Nothing will make a girl zip up her jeans and walk out quicker. So if you want your fuck buddy to stick around you might want to wrap it to tap it. 


Rabbit humping

I mean I guess rabbits do breed at a crazy fast level but that does not mean we should be fucking like them. Rapid humping while in the throw of things is not the move to wow the ladies. Honestly, it feels like you’re tryna cum and don’t care about getting your lady there as well. Slow it down a little bit and pay attention to her needs. The whole point is to keep her around and interested so make sure your moves reflect that. 


Premature ejaculation 

Now there is nothing fun about getting the party finished when it’s just getting started. I am not here to sex shame so just know there is nothing to be embarrassed about if you come quickly. While there are a ton of techniques to help, cumming quickly is still less than favorable. Try a stop and start technique when having sex to last longer. If you feel you’re about to cum pull back for a minute before starting again. You can practice this on your own as well. Making her cum before you even enter her will help as well. Go down on her or finger her to make sure she has already cum before the sex begins. 


No foreplay 

Guys, guys, guys great foreplay can help a gal forgive a lot of things. Even if you end up cumming quickly or the sex isn’t great if you had hot chemistry during the foreplay all is forgiven. Skipping this step makes you seem selfish and like your sex game isn’t that great. The hot build-up of foreplay makes the sex better anyway so what’s not to love about that. 


Not helping clean up

Here’s the thing. You’re the one, usually, with the cum flying around. Why should it be her job to clean it up? Nothing ruins great hot sex like being tossed a towel afterward. The least you could do is wipe it up for her. Don’t leave her like a splayed out Toaster Strudel. Grab a towel and help clean her up. While I am at it don’t you dare make her sleep in the wet puddle on the bed. Be a gentleman and lay in the mess you made. 

I hope this has helped you think about a thing or two a woman might hate during sex. I want you to find that fuck buddy and hold onto her. Use these steps to make sure you’ll hold onto that treasure that is a casual sex buddy. If you are doing any of these don’t make me reach through this screen and choke you! Be considerate of your partner and keep the good times rolling. 

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